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2019-03-13 12:35:36

How to change the decor quickly and simply?

Each of us likes to change something around us occasionally. Nobody likes monotony, which just bores us in the long run. To slightly refresh the interior of our home or apartment, we usually refurnish, buy flowers or change decorations on shelves. For many people such small changes may be insufficient. Sometimes, we dream about changing the appearance of the room. This change, however, involves the renovation of the entire room. Renovation is an expense that not everyone can afford. If we decide to renovate, we have to take days off from work to have time to paint walls and renovate the room. We must, of course, buy the necessary materials and supplies. After that we, of course, have to clean up the mess we made... Not everyone has the time, strength and willingness for it. Not to mention the funds.

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2019-02-20 12:13:50

Black and white beauty on reusable wallpapers

Using of black&white colors is a classic way to decorate interiors. Every home decor should have something like this - black&white furniture, blankets, decorations, or even a wallpaper. You can easily paint your wall in black and white stripes or you can use a fantastic peel&stcik wall mural and play with patterns, florals or anything you're into. Just check some inspirations below!

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2019-01-17 14:46:11

Top removable wallpaper trends 2019

New Year, new ideas to change something in your life. Some may think of a better shape, healthy diet, and some of a new home. No need to buy a new one, sometimes a little change in your old one may be just enough! Quick and easy renovation can be made with a use of peel and stick wall mural. When you add a new home decor trends to it you'll create a perfect space!

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2018-12-14 11:32:30

Invite Christmas in - peel&stick wallpapers for your walls

There are many ways to prepare for Christmas. Some do clean the whole house and decorate it, some spend hours in the kitchen or at the market. I am here to help you save some time and propose a removable wallpaper design with Christmas related motives. It is easy and quick to put up, so this decorating won't take long!

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2018-11-16 17:33:40

Winter wall decor with temporary murals

Winter is coming, that is for sure. We often assocciate it with cold, freezing weather, long nights, lack of sun. But winter ladscapes are also pretty magical and become an inspirtion for many artists and designers. Winter motifs looks wonderful also as a removable wallpaper print!

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2018-10-16 13:51:31

Simple lines, amazing decor - geometric peel&stick wallpapers

Simple things are the best ideas to create amazing decor effect. Home decoration is not complicated, when you focus on simple shapes and details. Then you can complete the whole design with items of your choice. Simple design on removable wall murals create an unique atmosphere in modern interiors.

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