Stone and Textures wallpapers

Wallpapers including stone designs present the structures of marble and other stones. Probably everyone will agree that stones cut into slices look outstanding. Their insides create unique and peculiar designs. Precisely such stone designs may constitute a beautiful decoration and a motif of a temporary wallpaper.
Peel and stick texture wall murals are hard to define. The term "universal" certainly suits them. That is because they are diverse, but will fit most interiors and styles in which they are arranged.
Texture wallpapers constitute primarily designs which after pasting on a wall become a background. Some are subtle, barely noticeable. They won't attract attention but only slightly underline their presence. Other ones are bold, with strong colors. These will definitely dominate the decorations inside an interior.
We invite you to browse through our gallery of Texture wall murals where you can individually select the decoration of your home.