About Us

LenArteDecor manufactures and delivers to customers high quality self-adhesive and removable wallpapers in several sizes.

We want to help create unique interiors in which wallpapers give the walls a character and a new climate. We strive to offer motifs that area at the same time unique and diverse, so that you can easily decorate any wall. Regardless of the color and style in which we arrange the house.

Each house is after all a history of people and families. Its appearance, decor, colors and decorations tell about what are the people who live in it. What they like and what they really are. It is also an asylum for each of us. Therefore, we try to arrange it so that we feel the best inside. One of the important elements of the decor are wall decorations. Every day we look at them, they must not only harmonize with the rest of the room but also match our own taste.

That is why we are trying to provide you wallpapers that will help you decorate every room according to your taste. It is important to us that you feel the best in your home thanks to our self-adhesive wallpapers.